All fees are for class lecture and/or instruction.  I can work a schedule to fit your time slot as long as it is the same number of hours as listed.  A separate 1 hr lecture for a guild meeting can be arranged in conjunction with a workshop for a $100 fee.  Traveling and material expenses are extra.  Please schedule in a 1/2 hour lunch break for each full day.  Students should bring their lunch.

     I would appreciate 1 month notice if the workshop is canceled due to low registration.  Some workshops require ordering materials, preparing warps and threading looms ahead of time and I need this time for preparation.

All About Yarn  

     ( 1 3hr. day )
     Did you ever wonder what those numbers  inside a cone of yarn mean? 10/2 , 2/18 ? What's the difference between worsted and woolen? What does mercerized mean and why would you want to use it over unmercerized?  What if the instructions say to use cotton and you want to make it in silk?  How much yarn do you need to buy?  What if you got a great deal on a yarn but you have no idea what it is?  Take the anxiety out of buying yarn and planning a project by knowing fibers' characteristics and the yarn world's terms and standards.  Bring a looseleaf notebook, scotch tape, calculator, and that mystery yarn.

Fee: $175

Work table
Area where it is safe to do burn tests without setting off smoke alarms (outdoors is fine if weather permits)

Introduction to  Dyeing

     ( 1  6hr. day )
     Learning to dye your own yarns, warps, or fiber opens a whole world of color possibilities.  We will discuss what types of dyes to use for various fibers, auxiliary chemicals , equipment, safety precautions, suppliers as well as methods of applying dye.  Each student should bring several 2 oz skeins of wool, mohair or silk to paint or dip dye.

Fee: $300 + $5 materials fee per person

Work table
Table for mixing dyes
Hot plate or stove top
Water source
Buckets or sink for rinsing

Painted Warps

     ( 2  6hr. days ) 
     Explore the idea of color movement by learning to paint a warp with Fiber Reactive dyes. Students will learn proper dye preparation, how to stretch a warp, apply and set the dyes and then how to rinse a warp without tangling and take it to the loom.  We will also learn how to immersion dye weft yarns.  Students will bring several prepared warps and skeins of cotton, rayon or silk.  Dyes will be provided.

Day 1
1hr - lecture and slides
5 hrs- prepare dyes, paint first warp to explore the properties of the dyes

Day 2
6 hrs - Rinse Day 1  warp , stretch new warps and paint  in different techniques
Immersion dye  skeins
Students will take Day 2 warps home to rinse

Fee: $600 +$10 materials fee per person

Room with long tables ( like cafeteria or picnic tables)  or supports with long boards.  This is fun to do outside if the weather is warm.
Water supply - warm water, laundry sink or 5 gallon plastic tubs for rinsing.
Table for preparing dyes.
Slide projector
Materials list will be sent to all participants.

Deliberate Dyeing

     ( 3 6hr. days )
   In this class you will create a dye swatchbook of Procion Fiber Reactive MX dyes or Lanaset dyes that you can use as a future reference when dyeing skeins and painting warps.  You will learn the proper procedure for preparing a dye stock solution and mixing dyes according to formula.  The MX dyes do not require heat and dye well on all cellulosic fibers.  Lanaset works well on protein fiibers.  Working with 3 primary colors we will create a 10 level, 66 color triangle showing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  Each student will create a swatchbook of all colors and recipies.

   Because there are  5 primaries ( red , yellow, magenta, blue and turquoise), this dye process can be repeated  using a different set each time.

Day 1  
Discussion on properties of Fiber Reactive or Lanaset dyes
mix stock solutions
dye primaries  and  determine  % color  for  mixing.
Begin secondary  color mixing

Day 2
Discuss results of previous day
Continue dyeing 3 color mixes

Day 3
finish tertiary colors
make swatchbooks

Fee: $900+$10 materials fee per person

work tables
warm water source
skeined yarn - cones will be sent early to participants to wind off into small skeins
plastic buckets for rinsing
hot plate or stove top if using Lanaset dyes

Color and Design

     ( 3  6hr. days )
     In this workshop, we will explore color, pattern, and texture using the "Design Game " in Ann Sutton's book Ideas in Weaving.  The slide lecture includes a discussion of defining our color comfort zone, a refresher on the basic rules of color theory, and playing the "Design Game ".

     Each participant will be sent 3 design parameters dealing with color pattern and texture that they will then use to design their warp.  After exploring color and texture problems on their own warps everyone will then move to another loom to mix their discoveries with another weaver's set of parameters.  By pushing ourselves to break out of our favorite box of colors and yarns we expand our palettes with possibilities that we had never imagined.

     Weaving will be done in class on workshop looms.  Students will use their own materials. Bring a small sketchbook and colored pencils or colored markers.  Must know how to dress and thread a loom.  Students will thread looms before the  first class. Beginners to advanced.

Day 1
Lecture including the "Design Game"
Discuss project and  terminology ,
develop stripe paintings
begin weaving first samples

Day 2
Discussion of warps and looking at color theories involved
Finish samples on original warp

Day 3
Switch looms
Discussions of fabrics produced

Fee: $900

Slide projector
Work table
Students furnish their own materials and looms
Colored pencils or markers and paper.

The Great Plains

     ( 3   6 hr. days )
     The most basic of the weave structures can create the most elegant and exciting fabrics when using interesting yarns and finishing techniques.  This is a round robin class where each student will set up their loom with a different plain weave technique. Projects include deflected weft, mock leno, woven felt, collapsed fabric using overtwist yarns, seersucker, color and weave and more. Weave, experiment with finishing techniques and share your information.  Beginners( must know how to set up a loom) to advanced.  All students will come away with a sample book of fabrics, techniques and threadings. Warps and threadings will be sent in advance so looms are ready to weave for first class.

Day 1
Inspirations and sources, review drafts patterns and  check loom  set- ups .
Begin weaving first sample. Discuss finishing techniques.

Day 2
Wet finish first samples, Discuss and exchange information.
Switch to new looms and continue weaving samples. Wet finish this set of samples for the next class

Day 3
Compare samples  and exchange information,
Finish weaving last group of samples.
Wet finish and compare.
Compile swatch books.
Discuss further possibilities. 

Fee: $900 + $15 materials fee per person

Slide projector,
Water source for washing /dyeing fabrics
Large table for doing finishing techniques
Students furnish their own looms and  thread them ahead of time

The Path

     ( 3  6hr. days )
     Let's take a journey beyond the rules of structure to the world of sensuous cloth.  We will each take a walk and photograph what we see along our path.  Using these pictures, we will then interpret them, first using words and then, using a variety of materials, weave them into cloth.  Once the cloth is woven we will  manipulate the surface with finishing techniques to create even more possibilities and add depth to our weaving experience.  You will create many samples that will serve as stepping stones to future journeys.  We will use the video "Basho to Spun Steel" and the book "Structure and Surface" as references and inspirations.

     Weaving will be done in class on workshop looms.  Students will collect and bring in their own materials.  Bring a small sketchbook.  Must know how to dress and thread a loom.  Students will thread looms before first class.

Day 1 
1hr lecture and slide show on " The Path -  Cloth Inspired from a Simple Journey."
1 hr  - interpreting pictures into words. Sketchbook work.
4hrs - weave 2 samples

Day 2
2 hrs - Begin by weaving more samples using various materials and simple weaves
3 hrs. - Select a favorite sample and weave off your warp  as yardage for day 3
1hr  - Discussion of finishing/ surface design techniques

Day 3
4 hrs - Cut yardage into 6 pieces and finish each piece in a different way.
Show and tell about your journey.

Fee: $900.

computer projector
Water source for washing fabrics
Large table for doing finishing techniques
Students furnish their own materials and looms.
Participants will photograph their journey  and thread looms  ahead of time
Meeting participants may also want to take pictures to bring to lecture

Double Weave

     ( 3  6hr. days )
     Explore the world of puckers, pleats, tubes, and pockets .This is a round robin workshop where each participant will set up and weave on a warp that shows one of the many aspects of double cloth.

     We will first learn how to design a double cloth warp taking into consideration materials, colors and density of layers.  We will then draft out all the possible treadling variations for 4 and 8 harness double cloth.  Each student will weave a sample on their loom and then proceed to try other looms as time permits.

     Students will need to bring 4 or 8 harness looms and will wind warps  thread  their looms ahead of time. Warp yarns will be provided. For  intermediate level  weavers

Day 1
1hr lecture  on "Designing  Double Cloth"  with slides
1 hr Drafting doublecloth
 4 hr  Demo of threading and weighting double  warps. Wind on and thread looms . 
( or  meet one week later with looms  threaded)

Day 2 
3 hrs weave 1st sample , show technique, move to new loom
weave sample #2. discuss finishing techniques

Day 3
6 hrs  weave sample # 3 and #4. cut from looms, label samples and discuss

Fee:  $900+ materials

computer projector
4 and 8 harness workshop looms
Chalk board  or white board and markers or access to a computer projector
Warp materials will be sent to all participants

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