Artist's Profile

I can’t remember when fiber and fabrics where not a part of my life.  My mother taught us to sew at an early age and I  grew up on a farm with sheep and a spinning wheel on the hearth. Not that anyone in my family knew how to spin , but my mother had a flare for fashion, fabric and making stylish things. My father taught me how things worked so fixing that spinning wheel and adjusting my first old loom  where enjoyable challenges. In Jr. High I remember taking an aptitude test. Mine said I should be either a scientist or an architect. I loved art and design classes in high school and that was where I saw my first loom. A few years later I began taking classes in  spinning, weaving and dyeing  through the Phila. Guild of Handweavers. That experience opened the door to a lifetime of exploration of fiber arts and I am still not bored!

Being a painter at heart, I respect  the technical part of weaving but use  dyeing to provide spontaneity to my craft. I hand-dye most of my warps. Being a spinner in spirit, I  dye  and sell natural fiber yarns  and support US mills and those small farms that now spin their own fibers.  Being  a weaver in my head , I enjoy imagining the structure of my next project,  drafting the design and making calculations before I approach my loom.

When I finally weave, the rhythm of the beater and lifting of threads is my meditation. I count  the same numbers over and over again. The power from my body, structure in my head , materials from my hands and  color from my heart all come together to build order from chaos, fabric from miles of yarns, a sense a joy from hard work. I see now how my affinity for science and architecture come together in the making of cloth.

I  maintained a  weaving studio in  Philadelphia for over 10 years. Just recently I moved the Gulf coast of Florida. My new studio is in Dunedin,  where I produce  limited edition scarves, wraps, throws and interior accessories.  I specialize  in hand dyed yarns and multi-harness loom structures to create fabrics that are not only functional  but also show a sense  of movement through structure and  color.   I focus on the  idea of  the “wrap”- lengths of cloth that are draped or wound around our bodies to provide a sense of warmth and security. Each piece is personal, marking a place and time.

My background includes studies in fiber at Penland School of Crafts, Phila. College of Art and a BS in Textile  Design from Phila. College of Textiles and Science where I also taught Weave Design Studio  between 1995- 2001. Since then, I’ve taught the fall 2003 fiber concentration at  Penland School of Crafts and weave structure and woven design courses at University of the Arts and Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.  For the past 3 years, I have been the instructor  for  the Weaving Workshop at the  Newark Museum in NJ. I have also been a regular teacher at the Phila. Guild of Handweavers. Currently, I conduct  my own studio classes in weaving , dyeing and design as well as teach 
through the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. I am also  available to teach workshops for  conferences  and guilds.
I hope you will visit and help keep the fine tradition of fiber arts alive.

Pam Pawl
Pam Pawl Textiles l 463 Grant St., Dunedin, FL 34698 l  215 483-7157 l

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