Fall  2018
updated  10/15/18

At the Studio

Fall is upon us. It doesn't look much different than summer here in Florida but the days are getting shorter and  we are starting to see the temperatures drop to around 90 degrees in September and  October. The summer was quiet at the studio, many students travel to cooler climates from May - September. For those of us  who are year-rounds, I set up studio looms with long towel warps . Weavers  signed-up for a time slot to weave their towel while experiencing a new structure. We had  4 harness plaid huck lace, 4 harness turned taquette, 8 harness snowflake  and 8 harness turned twill blocks available . Each  weaver picked their weft yarns and after a little instruction, wove colorful towels to give as gifts or keep for themselves.

I also had several rigid heddle  students stop in, each working on their own projects. FUN!!!

Over the summer, I explored  Bead leno. I've had this on my bucket list for a long time  and am delighted at the results . Warp yarns are threaded through beads between the harnesses and the reed. During the treadling sequence, the beads make the warp yarns twist around each other every other pick creating a beautiful open structure without using a pick up stick!! Perfect for our Florida weather. Now, I'm playing with color to see what else I can do with it. I think a workshop is in the making...

The Sept/ Oct Fall session studied profile drafting and then wove samples that depend on using alternating colors or blocks- Repp, 
Shadow weave, M's &O's and  Supplementary Warp.  Our new beginner wove  a colorful sampler and learned to read a draft.

Upcoming fall  classes and workshops are listed  on the CLASSES page.  
The November / December  classes will focus on Lace Weaves and  Finishing Fabric. Beginner and independent project classes are available every 6 weeks.


New Policy- All currently registered students receive a 10% discount off yarns, books and equipment.

All others may purchase a  studio card for $100 ( 10/ $10 punches) to receive  the same discount.

The Dunedin Fine Arts Center workshops
The Art Center has  classrooms with lots of  table space and a large, well ventilated  Fiber Arts room for mixing dyes, sinks, washer and dryer.  A great place  to learn!

I will be teaching  these following workshops in the  Fall:
September- Painted Warps and Skeins

November- Weave a Scarf  on a Rigid Heddle loom


For more information  or to register , go to

COMING in DECEMBER-  25th Annual Studio Waltz , Saturday  Dec 1, 2018 10-5

I am delighted to be participating in the fun event.  Over  11 Artist's studios in  the Dunedin/ Palm Harbor area will be open to the public for the holidays.  Go to for pictures for the artists' work and a downloadable  map.

Studio equipment includes warping boards and warping reels, electric skein winder ,  Four  18 " 4 harnerss  Wolf Pups,  22" - 4 harness Harrisville loom , 4   and 8 harness Baby Wolf looms, 36" 8 harness Schacht standard loom, a vintage 36" 8 harness Jon Ahrens side tie-up loom, and three 16 harness computer assisted looms

( 48" AVL Production Dobby, 24" LeClerc Diana, and  Louet 27"  Megado)


Yarns and  Equipment  I  am a dealer for  Louet,  Harrisville ,  Glimakra  and Schacht  looms and accessories and  have Schacht  looms  in the studio for you to try. I also have weaving yarns on the studio shelves , all available  by the ounce. These include  3/2, 5/2 8/2 10/2 cottons from Valley Yarns, Glimakra Borg 8/2 cotton and some linen , Lunatic Fringe  10/2  cotton and  Dye-Lishus 5/2 and 10/2 cotton. I also carry  Jaggerspun  2/18  Zephyr wool/silk  and am a dealer for  Henry's Attic  and Silk City yarns .I have the complete sample sets in the studio for anyone to play with and order from.  I also carry weaving books and VAV magazine. Please call me if there is something you would like to order. Students receive a 10 % discount on all equipment, yarns and books.

Current  sale-
Schacht curved back carders- never used - $65
Schacht single end  tapestry beater lightly used - $15

Glimakra 72"  yarn swift-  never used-  $75
VAV Magazine- back issues, new , never opened. $10 each ( 2014-17)



                                   See details and registration information for  classes and workshops on my CLASSES page

                                                            or  feel free to contact me  for more information.

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